Taranaki Interclub 2017

Interclub 2017 Details – Please Read

Remember that in the main if you are in the same division you will play at the same club as the other teams in the division.

This might help with transport and replacing players.  Most teams but not all have a 5th player, so if you are short one week look to the other teams in your division first.

Teams Lists and Contact Details

Draws can be seen on ISquash.  Check your location each week as it will change.  Also note the formats for each division:

6 team Divisions

  • Round Robin 5 weeks
  • 2 weeks finals series
    • Week 1
      • a) 1 v 4
      • b) 2 v 3
      • c) 5 v 6
    • Week 2
      • Winners a and b play (For Title)
      • Other 4 teams play mixed

8 Team Divisions

  •  7 week round robin – everyone plays each other once.

Lastly – We understand this new format does mean more travel for KP teams and you might have to travel to Hawera to play another KP team.  But this is a district wide approach to improving the social side of the nights and even out the travel.  Being the biggest club with the most teams in the past we tended to get more squash at KP.