AGM 29 Nov 2021

7pm in the KP Club Lounge

Any member desirous of moving a resolution at the annual general meeting shall give notice in writing, to the secretary, not less than three weeks before the date of such meeting.

Committee Roles


  • Oversee the management of all club activities
  • Set up an effective business plan by delegating roles with full job descriptions to committee members
  • Ongoing development of a successful business plan
  • Preside over monthly meetings
  • Support and help all committee members
  • Work with the committee to bring new and innovative concepts to the club
  • Act as a facilitator for club activities
  • Speak at special events such as prizegivings and club dinner
  • Responsible for employed staff
  • Help all members to feel part of a “great” team
  • Focus on improving weakness in the club, such as sponsorship, new member development.
  • Manage committee and/or executive meetings
  • Manage the annual general meeting
  • Represent the club at local, regional and national levels
  • Ensure the planning and budgeting for the future is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the members

Vice President

  • Liase with and assist Club Captain
  • Maintain Communication with Sponsors
  • Follow up sponsorship opportunities.
  • Step in when President not available
  • Support the President

Club Captain x2

  • Helping with new members
  • Organising interclub
  • SuperChamps- organising teams and coach/managers
  • Run club events in conjunction with other Club Captain – Business House, Club Champs, Club Night, Prizegiving and other as required.
  • Report on these areas at meetings

Club Manager (club employee)

  • Prepare the agenda for club meetings in consultation with the Chairperson
  • Make arrangements including venue, date, times and hospitality for club meetings
  • Send adequate notice of the meetings
  • Collect and collate reports from office bearers
  • Call for and receive nominations for committees and other positions for the club AGM
  • Take the minutes of meetings
  • Write up the minutes as soon as possible after the meeting
  • Read, reply and file correspondence promptly
  • Collate and arrange for the printing of the annual report
  • Maintain registers of members’ names and addresses, life members and sponsors
  • Maintain files of legal documents such as constitutions, leases and titles
  • Act as the public officer of the club liaising with members of the public, affiliated bodies and government agencies
  • With the District Association – process transfer applications; enter teams in competitions; represent the club at Association meetings; obtain Association sanction for club events; communicate information between the District Association and club members, such as event deadlines
  • Other tasks: handle bookings and entries; supervise uniforms; respond to general duties as directed by the club committee
  • Monitor stock levels of bar products

Maintenance Manager

  • Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the club and grounds
  • Liaises at monthly committee meetings on maintenance requirements.
  • Liaises with Club Managers re repairs and tradesmen as required
  • Identify problems
  • Keep WOF up to date on building
  • Develop outside features
  • Look after keys and locks/security (except key tags)

Junior Convenor

  • Promote junior squash
  • Provide coaching opportunities
  • Provide competition opportunities
  • Maintain junior ladder
  • Junior nights training
  • Identify advanced squash for competition and coaching opportunities
  • Enlist and roster coaching assistance
  • Document junior nights
  • Establish and maintain code of conduct
  • Provide development and competition opportunities
  • Organise and run Junior Tournaments

Bar Manager

  • Liaises with the Club Managers re any private functions and ensures bar is stocked and chiller packed
  • Encourages club members to do bar duty and interested club members to obtain Bar Managers Certificate
  • Ensures that all aspects of the Club’s Liquor licensing laws are adhered to – such as signage, bar snacks, Hospitality Responsibility Notice
  • Knowledge of Club’s emergency procedures
  • Maintain bar facility
  • Monitor bar prices and report to committee
  • Help with bar rosters
  • Training of bar staff


  • Prepare a budget and monitor it carefully
  • Keep the club’s books up-to-date
  • Keep a proper record of all payments and monies received
  • Make sure financial reports are available and understood at all committee meetings
  • Show evidence that money received is banked and documentation provided for all money paid out
  • Ensure that information for an audit/review is prepared each year (if required)
  • Arrange the audit/review (if required)
  • Give Treasurer’s report at regular meetings and when required
  • Produce an annual financial report
  • Support the Office Staff with sending out accounts and paying the bills

Tournament Controller

  • Organise graded tournaments
  • Ensure entertainment and food are organised
  • Liaise with relevant people to ensure posters are out and setup is done prior to tournament starting

Committee Member

  • Attend meetings

Liaise and support other committee roles