Graded/Open Club Champs 2022

Tuesday 19 July - Friday 22 July 2022 Games will not be played for points unless agreed by both players prior to starting their game. Womens-Open-1Download draw_WBDownload draw_WCDownload draw_WDDownload draw_WEDownload draw_WFDownload Mens-OpenDownload draw_MBDownload draw_MCDownload draw_MDDownload draw_ME-1Download draw_MFDownloadcontinue reading →
Kawaroa Park 60th Jubilee – 4 Nov 2022

Kawaroa Park 60th Jubilee – 4 Nov 2022

KAWAROA SQUASH CLUB IS PROUD TO PRESENT THEIR 60TH JUBILEE!! Friday 4th - Saturday 5th November 2022 To be held at: Kawaroa Park Squash Club - Tisch Avenue, New Plymouth Friday 4th 5:30pm Registration/ Meet & Greet Nibbles & Drinks Saturday 5th 2pm Jubilee Photo - @ KP Squash Club 6pm Dinner & Dance - @ New Plymouth Racecourse Guest Speakers: Murray Lilley and Rhys Powell You can register by completing the online form or by downloading a hardcopy of the form (below) and send it into 60th-Jubilee-Registration-formDownloadcontinue reading →

COVID-19 Traffic Lights

Links for further information Public and private gatherings at OrangeSport and recreation at OrangeLife at Orange Public and private gatherings at RedSport and recreation at RedLife at Red Full protection framework (Traffic Lights) infocontinue reading →